A few grateful words…

Letter 1
“I thought you may be happy to hear how much you have helped me. For many years, 1 have been suffering from migraine headaches. I had spent thousands of dollars for different sorts of doctors, and I even went to a headache clinic just to Se told that I suffered from migraine headaches and there was no cure headaches. At the beginning, I did not believe that this appliance could help or prevent headaches, but now I have come to the conclusion that your idea should be used to help other suffering people. Thanks again for your help.
Very truly yours,”
Uniondale, N.Y.

 Letter 2
“[W]hen you pointed out my problems and questioned me about headaches I couldn’t believe what you were saying. I have suffered migraine and sinus headaches along with muscle tension of my neck and shoulders for more years than I wish to admit I was skeptical at first, but I must admit that, although I have experienced extreme tension, I have not had a headache or muscle pains of the neck and shoulders since I started using the appliance. Many, many thanks.
Bronx N.Y.

Letter 3
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for diagnosing my dental problem. My internist took all kinds of tests, and finding nothing wrong, referred me to a neurologist…. You immediately found the cause of my pain. Wearing the appliance has made a tremendous difference…. Once again, thank you for diagnosing the cause of the pain and ending the suffering.
Sincerely yours,”
Riverdale, NY

Letter 4
“I must compliment you for your diagnosis end treatment for a condition that has plagued me for many years…… I told you that every morning when 1 wake up, I am extremely taxed, and have severe upper back pains My warmest thanks for your excellent diagnosis and care in this.
Very truly yours,”
New York

For More Information

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