Mike Birbiglia Tapes For Sundance Film At The Comic Strip

Mike Birbiglia Tapes For Sundance Film At The Comic Strip

Monday nights are usually kind of slow wherever you go. This Monday night The Comic Strip was sold out! Completely packed! People found out that Mike Birbiglia would be doing a 90 minute performance there and within no time the place was filled!

(L-R) Richie Tienken, owner of The Comic Strip, Mike Birbiglia, and Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV at The Comic Strip for a special taping for Mike’s film at Sundance!

Back in 2008, Mike had a hit show with “Sleepwalk With Me” at the Bleecker Street Theatre. I was there for the opening and knew it would be a hit right away! Mike is an accomplished story-teller, which of course is an art form in itself! Very different from stand-up. I can’t picture Mike doing a five minute set. I’m sure he could do it, but his material lends itself to longer pieces, so he can build his story in layers!

Mike is doing a film version of “Sleepwalk” that will be in Sundance in January, and he had the idea to film a sequence of him onstage to be played during the credits. He takes the stage name of Matt Pentamiglio, which may be the wrong spelling, but it’s the right sound! (LOL)

Mike Birbiglia as Matt Pentamiglio onstage at The Comic Strip!

I caught up with Mike, … or Matt, … backstage at The Strip and did a little exclusive video interview for Comedy Matters! You can see that right here!

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