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Bob Marley at Gotham Comedy Club

Every so often someone gets past my radar, so when I saw that Bob Marley was headlining Gotham I was like, ” I know Chris Mazzilli is amazing but to get a dead reggae star to headline his club, that’s really outdoing himself!”

Then I looked it up on Google where everyone finds everything they need to know about everything, and saw that Bob’s been performing for 15 years and has been on all the hot late-night shows, plus movies and even a regular radio spot in Portland, Maine where he lives called “The World According to Bob.”

Jimmy Failla MC’ing at the Bob Marley show at Gotham!

Jimmy Failla was the MC/host and he’s always great. I like when he talks about how men act with a woman before they’ve had sex with them. He compares them to politicians. They’ll say anything they need to say to get you to take your clothes off!

And then he talks about the Mets: “The Mets are so bad, if you get there early you can play!”

Jimmy was followed by Erin Jackson who helped warm up the crowd for the headliner.

Erin Jackson onstage at Gotham Comedy Club opening for Bob Marley!

Phil Hanley and I have performed together and his writing is really sharp. As a comedy writer for so many years, I admire people who write great, unpredictable jokes, where you can’t guess the punchline.

Like when he said he’s not gonna complain about his parents , because if it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t be here. Then he added the killer tag, “They dropped me off!”

The audience loved it when he described himself as a “stay-at-home son!” Or when he described the difference between a vegetarian and a “fruitarian”! With a fruitarian, all they eat is fruit and medication for diarrhea!

Phil Hanley entertaining the crowd at Gotham Comedy Club!

He also doesn’t kiss on the first date! He thinks women should be happy with just sex! I love jokes like that!

Mike Young was also very funny and I hadn’t seen him before. I like when he spoke about guys getting “used” by women for sex. He gave the guys in the audience a tip to know if you’re being used: ” If every line you use on a woman is working, it’s not you!”

Mike Young in a T-shirt and fedora making people laugh at Gotham!

It goes back to my concept that women never really get talked into anything. If they’re participating at all, it’s because they really want to! Not cause of your skilz!

Then Bob took the stage, and it was obvious that the audience had come out to see him. He was talking about how wives ask you to do things you would never do on your own. ” Wanna go blueberry picking?” “Yeh sure,let’s do some immigrant work!”

His wife would give him jobs just cause he had his shoes on. “You got your shoes on? Go pave the driveway!”

Bob Marley headlining the show at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC!

And talking about his Irish Catholic middle class upbringing he said, “Nothing screams financial success more than the above ground pool!”

It was a great show!

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Comedy Juice with Tom Papa and John Mulaney

Comedy Juice regularly puts on a great line-up every Tuesday night at Gotham, at 10:00 P.M. I’ve become kind of a regular because it’s a reliably good show, and I always write about it! I just wish Mark Serittella would re-post it somewhere! (LOL)

Jared Logan is often the host and he’s always funny. He’s great with crowd work and very quick, and he comes up with appropriate references, like when speaking to audience members from Australia he not only referenced the Duckbilled Platypus, but kangaroos, and boomerangs as well!

He’s from West Virginia and hates when people don’t know it’s it’s own state. It’s not just the Western part of Virginia.

And I liked his bit on the fact that 90 countries have a national bird. That’s something I would definitely talk about, because it’s true and it’s so absurd. Not even one bird knows to be proud of such a thing! Even if they did, birds don’t usually brag anyway!

Tom Papa just being very funny at the Comedy Juice show at Gotham!

I was glad to see Tom Papa there. Not only because I enjoy his work, but I wanted to send him an advance copy of my book “Make ‘Em Laugh” and we wound up sitting next to each other so it was a perfect opportunity to broach the subject. Chris Rock wrote the intro besides being in the book with his own interview, and Tom’s best bud Jerry Seinfeld is in it too!

Tom has the ability to make anything funny. His comedy is very relatable to everyone, and he’s always a crowd pleaser!

John Mulaney is also always a treat to watch. Lots of comics try and describe themselves to the audience. Show business and comedy specifically is the only area in life where you WANT people to laugh at your appearance. Comics do very self-deprecating material.

No one wants to laugh at someone who’s perfect or looks like they’re doing too well in life. They don’t relate. Like I tell the audience I’m a mix between Phil Spector and Elton John and they love it. If someone said that to me in real life, I’d probably be pissed!

John Mulaney, onstage, killing it at the Comedy Juice show at Gotham Comedy Club!

John describes himself as looking like a very tall child. He also says he has a girlfriend which is weird since he’s probably gay, based upon the way he’s acted for the past 29 years. He says that having a girlfriend is like having a lawyer in every day life. Before his girlfriend, he had no idea of how he should be treated in his life. She gets offended FOR him, and tells him when and how he should respond, like, ” You ordered your food an hour ago. It should be here already”, and that way he knows to complain to the waiter.

I can’t wait to see the sketches I did with John and Nick Kroll out in LA for Nick’s new show coming up on Comedy Central, tentatively called “The Nick Show Kroll” (until further notice!)

George St. Geeland (John Mulaney), Jeffrey Gurian, and Gil Faizon (Nick Kroll) on set in LA for the taping of Nick’s new show on Comedy Central!

And then I got to see Nick Griffin who I had heard of but not seen before. It always amazes me when someone escapes my comedy radar! I also liked the way he wears his hair. From the front. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to have two different hairstyles at the same time. From the front it looks spiky and hip. From the side it looks like a totally different guy. See if you can tell what I mean from the photos.

Nick Griffin from the front, very hip spiky hairdo!

Nick Griffin from the side. Totally different hair attitude!

I like guys who take the time to choose a hairstyle. Most men wear their hair like they’re embarrassed for having any. Almost like an apology. “I’m sorry I have hair. I’ll try and wear it in a non-descript, inoffensive way so you won’t notice!” And they do!

Nick was very funny. He said somebody told him that there’s always somebody worse off than you, and now he’s worried about that other guy!

He also said, ” You know you’re getting older when your favorite thing is not to be awake.”

Also on the show was Mara Merrick and the very funny Dan St. Germaine who also brought his beard with him.

The very funny Dan St. Germaine accompanied onstage by his beard!

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