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Award-Winning Sketch Troupe "The Charlies" in Halloween Video "Racist Zombies"

The Charlies is a group of 9 UCB-trained sketch comedians who serve as both writers and performers. The members are Carlin Adelson, my personal assistant Tristan Griffin who brought them to my attention, Cameron Fleming, David Hill (not the famous one, the other one), Alene Latimer (the famous one, not the other one), Madina Papadopoulos, Jeremy Rayburn, Siobhan Thompson, and Jennifer Treuting. The Charlies are the winners of the 2011 Arena Sketch League Tournament the finals of which were held at The Creek and The Cave.

Check them out at

I happened to see them perform at a great little theatre called The Red Door on East 4th Street in NYC, and so many people showed up they had to sit on the floor!( Not the group, the audience! LOL ) They are very talented and entertaining!

Tristan Griffin plays the first victim of the racist zombies, in a role he was literally born to play, since he was born Black, which comes in very handy in the little film you are about to see! Perfect for Halloween, on the Funny or Die website!


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