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Spectacular Evening at Sotheby’s for 20th Anniversary of ACE

It was 20 years ago that social activist Henry Buhl created ACE which stands for “The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless” with the help of people like Tony Goldman,a real estate magnate, who’s also responsible for building up a lot of South Beach in Miami.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Tinsley Mortimer and Henry Buhl at the gala 20th anniversary ACE event at Sotheby’s!

Last night there was a gala event honoring ACE’s work over the past 20 years as well as honoring Russell Simmons and international opera star Jessye Norman.

I was covering the red carpet so I was really hoping to see and interview Russell, who I hadn’t seen since we honored Brett Ratner at The Friars Club some months back, but unfortunately he was detained in arriving.

Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV ready to man the red carpet at Sotheby’s for the 20th anniversary gala of ACE,, to assist the homeless!

Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV with Rosanna Scotto of FOX TV’s Good Day New York at the ACE gala at Sotheby’s!

I did get to see and interview Henry Buhl, Sara Herbert-Galloway who was one of the esteemed hosts,(and a friend!), Jessye Norman, who couldn’t have been nicer, Rosanna Scotto, the anchor from FOX’s Good Day New York, Prince Lorenzo Borghese who I hadn’t seen in quite a while and who was there with Tinsley Mortimer, my old dear friend Countess LuAnn DeLesseps from The Real Housewives of New York City, who was there with her boyfriend Jacques Azoulay, two other old friends Dr. Judy Kuriansky the famous sex therapist, and Mary Sliwa, ex-wife of Curtis Sliwa, and one very special interview for me, with Aviva Drescher one of the new women on Real Housewives of NYC. That was a real treat!

Countess LuAnn DeLesseps with Jacques Azoulay on the red carpet at Sotheby’s!

Jessye Norman was passionate about helping the homeless, and about Henry Buhl’s work over the past 20 years.

Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV with international opera star Jessye Norman at Sotheby’s!

Lorenzo and I caught up on old times and he was shocked that I remembered the name of his line of pet products, Royal Treatment! It always amazes me what I do remember because very often I remember nothing at all!

Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV with Lorenzo Borghese at a party back in 2006!

And Tinsley Mortimer and I had a good laugh about the first time we met in of all places, a McDonald’s. You’d have thought maybe The Four Seasons, or Nobu maybe, but no, … it was McDonalds. It was very late at night and we were both hungry and on line for a snack! She has a new book just out for a month called “Southern Charm” and one day soon we’re going to sit down and shoot a little video interview about it for Comedy Matters TV!

Countess LuAnn and I always have something to laugh about together! We just look at each other and laugh! We’re friends since the 80’s, when she was still a nurse and a model, and we had lots of fun times together. It wasn’t that long ago when she was interviewing me on Plum TV in the Hamptons. I’m so happy for her for all of her success, and for being with Jacques who’s such a great guy, but could have been a little more creative with his name! (LOL)

Jeffrey Gurian of Comedy Matters TV with Countess LuAnn DeLesseps at one of the opening parties for “Real Housewives of New York City”! ( Her Mom is next to us!)

Countess LuAnn DeLesseps and her beautiful Mom at a Real Housewives party!

Who would believe a French guy named Jacques? It’s like an Italian guy named Carmine! Or a Jewish guy named Sol! Not very creative! (LOL)

Anyway, I suggested to LuAnn that we do a comedy thing on Housewives, like some kind of comedy event, and we’re going to discuss it!

But I’d have to say my interview with Aviva Drescher was the highlight of the evening for me. I asked her about her charity “One Step Ahead” and she complimented me on my preparedness, which led to such a heartwarming interview on people overcoming obstacles in their lives.

Real Housewives Heather Thompson, LuAnn DeLesseps, and Aviva Drescher at Sotheby’s!

Aviva is an amputee which you would have no way of knowing unless she told you. She’s a gorgeous woman with a super personality, and a handsome husband with four beautiful kids. When she was six, she lost her left leg in an accident at a friend’s house. But she never let it get the best of her and I admire people so much for that. Because not everyone rises above difficulties like that. Some people let it overwhelm them.

And she shared with me that when she was younger she thought she might never get married or have children, but fortunately none of that was true. I was able to share with her my own story of overcoming obstacles, of which I feel there were many. None as serious as the loss of a limb, but I was a very severe stutterer until I was in my 20’s.

My parents took me for speech therapy but no one was able to help me. One day I realized that I did’t stutter when I was alone, only when I tried to speak to someone else. That basically told me there was really nothing wrong with me, and I vowed to cure myself. I was determined not to go through the rest of my life as a stutterer.

For the next two or three years I became obsessed with curing myself, and as I look at it now, I was given the Grace to figure out how to stop. I now work with other stutterers to teach them how not to stutter. I love doing that kind of work.

So Aviva and I had an instantaneous bond,and I can’t wait to see her again!

You’ll see it all when the video is edited!

And all of this glitz and glamour was thanks to the team at Oui 2 PR, Rob Goldstone and David Wilson who are both so humble and hate to be recognized, but the truth is they do A-1 events, that are well organized, and I for one appreciate that, and believe in giving credit where credit is due! So there!!! (LOL)

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Cherished Feet Charity Event With Richie Rich

Karen Koeningsberg is a young Manhattan socialite who wants to make a difference.  She founded “Cherished Feet”, a non-profit organization that collects shoes for homeless and indigent people in different parts of the world. She recently did a shoe drive for Haiti.  This night, she was collecting shoes for NYC’s homeless population.

Jeffrey with Karen Koeningsberg of "Cherished Feet" at Copia

I first met Karen when I was hosting the red carpet for the opening of the huge Forever 21 store in Manhattan, and she came with actress Jamie Hilfiger.

Jamie Hilfiger and Jeffrey at a party in Manhattan.

I saw her again this past New Year’s Eve when I was hosting the red carpet for a big fashion event at the Nexus Townhouse on East 58th Street, and once again she came to walk the red carpet.  This time she told me about her charity and I told her I would love to be helpful in any way I could.

Jeffrey and Karen Koeningsberg on the red carpet for a Red Cross fashion benefit on NYE

The event was at Copia, a really nice place right near me on East 53rd Street.  It’s so rare when anything cool is held on the Upper East Side, but very welcome.  I found some very “newish”, shoes I had to donate, which gave me more room in my closet to get shoes I don’t need, and I literally walked around the corner to Copia.

Singer Baiyu Chen and Jeffrey at the Cherished Feet event at Copia

The place was packed with lots of fun stylish people, including songstress Baiyu Chen, journalist Farah Sarafa, Marie Delus from The Mayor’s office, Portuguese TV star Jose Castelo Branco, Heather Jones from Ritzy Rich, ( and Stacy Kessler from Millionaire Matchmaker.  Internationally known designer Richie Rich was there, who I had just seen during Fashion Week, at a great show at the Audi Forum.

Stacy Kessler from Millionaire Matchmaker and Jeffrey at Copia

Richie is good friends with Ryan Colby from Colby Models, and I am co-producing a new reality show with Alycia Kaback of VIP Talent Connect, called Model Diaries, focussed on Colby models, and 7 models aspiring models we will be grooming for stardom.

Jeffrey Gurian with Richie Rich at the Audi Forum during Fashion Week

Karen’s event was a big success and she was assisted by her staff of fantastic people including Christine Poopatana, Lindsey McCormick, Lucy Karpilovskaya, and Stephanie Kovacs, who enjoyed writing with my big pen.

A Lucy and Stephie Kovacs sandwich with Jeffrey as "the meat"! ( He should be so lucky! LOL)

Stephanie Kovacs having fun with Jeffrey's big pen!

It was also Richie Rich’s birthday, so Karen surprised him with a cake, and we all went off our diets to have a piece.

Richie Rich cutting his birthday cake.

Karen, we wish you luck in bringing your dream to fruition.

Make sure to also check out this piece in Scallywag and Vagabond. The link is attached above, and again down here!

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