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Rocco Rocks Out At Lavo

Rocco taking a break from "table-dancing" to greet me as I came in to Lavo!

Anyone can throw a party, but getting people to show up is a whole other thing.  Rocco Ancarola has no problem with that.  He’s been throwing successful parties and events as along as I know him, and we met just before The Civil War. ( During the winter of 1860, I think! ) LOL

Sylvia getting into the music!

I wanted to make sure that his Sunday night party was not a fluke, so I went back this Sunday night and it was even more packed than the first week.

Who ordered this girl???

They must have extra strong tables to allow for all that dancing on top of them.

Guests calling friends and telling them to come join the party!

Then again, most of the people dancing on the tables were models and they don’t weigh all that much!  There was a rumour going around that one of the models actually ate something, but it was several weeks before, and she claimed it was an accident.

Rocco, ever the consummate gentleman, helping a girl drink champagne from one of her Jimmy Choo's.

One girl was so thin she had no room for her internal organs, and had to keep them outside her body! (LOLOL)

The mysterious Sylvia from Ecuador!

Next week I want to get there early enough to have dinner cause I hear the food is great too!  I’ll try and bring a girl who just LOOKS like a model but isn’t so we can actually eat together!!!



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Jeffrey Gurian Documentary Reel with A-List Comics and Film Stars

This documentary reel about me was shot as a pre-cursor to a proposed TV project that I would host, taking the viewers “behind the scenes” in the comedy world, the film world and behind the velvet ropes of New York nightlife, all places where I have strong connections.

In this reel you will see great comics from late night TV like Ted Alexandro from Comedy Central, Letterman, Conan O’Brien, & Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Fisch from Last Comic Standing, VH1 and Comedy Central, Macio from The Chapelle Show, Uptown Comedy Club, & Comedy Central, Goumba Johnny, afternoon host  from WKTU, 103.5 FM, film stars Marisa Tomei, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Jason Statham, John Leguizamo, Vincent Pastore, Chris Meloni, Kal Penn, Sidney Lumet, Guy Ritchie, nightlife and TV legends Wass, Noel Ashman, and Countess LuAnn DeLesseps from Real Housewives of New York City, and Camille Grammer from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Please watch and feel free to leave a comment, and/or share it with your friends.  Thanks!!!

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Rocco Ancarola Rocks Lavo

This blog is not only for comedy events but also to cover the NY nightlife scene, which I think everyone agrees, is the hottest scene in the world!

This past Sunday night, nightlife impresario Rocco Ancarola rocked NYC hotspot Lavo, with the first of a regular Sunday night dinner party/party that was reminscent of the wild nights we used to spend at his place called Boom down on Spring Street, back in the day! Rocco didn’t disappoint, with a fantastic, gorgeous crowd, lots of models, and hot music. As is his usual, Rocco got up on the table to dance, and immediately ripped off his jacket, then shirt, and danced bare-chested with one of the gorgeous models.

Rocco got things heated up by ripping off his shirt, and dancing on the tables!

When I told him I was planning on attending, he told me he’d save me a table and to bring somebody “hot”, cause he knows that’s how we roll! (LOL) I came from 2 other events and got there a little later, but the party was in full swing when I arrived around 11:30, and the place was packed.

It caught on and then everyone got up on the tables to dance!

So nice to see Jayma Cardoso, and Andrew Goldberg who are also part of Lavo and make it the special place that it is. At least I know where I’ll be on Sunday nights from now on!

Andrew Goldberg leading his side of the room in raising the roof!

For many years Sunday nights were always depressing because you had to go back to school in the morning, and when I was a kid we had to watch a show called “Meet The Press” and prepare some current events thing to talk about in school. You were assigned either local news, national news, or international news, and for some reason I ALWAYS got stuck with international news, which I hated and still do! So invariably I’d try to find a story like , ” A Chinese man lost his wallet”, and try and pass that off as international news.

Now all I have to do is go to Lavo! So much easier!

The producer always gets the best girls. I think her name was Sylvia, and she's from Ecuador. I'll let you know for sure next time!

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