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Rocco Rocks Out At Lavo

Rocco taking a break from "table-dancing" to greet me as I came in to Lavo!

Anyone can throw a party, but getting people to show up is a whole other thing.  Rocco Ancarola has no problem with that.  He’s been throwing successful parties and events as along as I know him, and we met just before The Civil War. ( During the winter of 1860, I think! ) LOL

Sylvia getting into the music!

I wanted to make sure that his Sunday night party was not a fluke, so I went back this Sunday night and it was even more packed than the first week.

Who ordered this girl???

They must have extra strong tables to allow for all that dancing on top of them.

Guests calling friends and telling them to come join the party!

Then again, most of the people dancing on the tables were models and they don’t weigh all that much!  There was a rumour going around that one of the models actually ate something, but it was several weeks before, and she claimed it was an accident.

Rocco, ever the consummate gentleman, helping a girl drink champagne from one of her Jimmy Choo's.

One girl was so thin she had no room for her internal organs, and had to keep them outside her body! (LOLOL)

The mysterious Sylvia from Ecuador!

Next week I want to get there early enough to have dinner cause I hear the food is great too!  I’ll try and bring a girl who just LOOKS like a model but isn’t so we can actually eat together!!!



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Partying With Internet Sensation Lauren Francesca

Lauren Francesca and I are very excited about working together. Lauren is an internet star who has compiled over 250 million hits on all of her films combined.  Some get over 25 million alone.  She often plays Lady Gaga in the hilarious Key of Awesome comedy/musical parodies.

Lauren Francesca in "The Wearin' Of The Green" with Jeffrey at Patrick McMullen's Party at Pacha

We already shot two films that I wrote for her.  One is called “Besame Mucho’s Academy of Oral Skills” in which she plays a sexy Latina named Besame Mucho, ” voted by 3 major men’s magazines as the best kisser in the world.”  Click the link below to see the film:

Besame Mucho’s Academy of Oral Skills

She runs a kissing school, where she teaches girls how to kiss so they put men into a dream state.  She teaches them exotic oral exercises  like the “Besame Mucho tongue push-up”, and tongue swinging where you swing from a trapeze by your tongue to build up strength!

Lauren Francesca and Jeffrey ready to hit the dance floor!

Lauren found her sexiest green dress and she and I decided to go out and party for St. Patrick’s day.  We started out at celeb photographer Patrick McMullen’s annual bash at the huge club Pacha, owned by my good friend Zev Norotsky, and then went on to Erik Von Broock’s ultra-cool party at ultra-hot hotspot Lavo.

Lauren's hair dancing to the music, with Jeffrey nowhere to be seen!

Lauren Francesca doing her famous "booty-shake" move at Pacha!

At Patrick’s party I ran into my old friend talented actress Aesha Waks, who happens to be engaged to Patrick’s son Liam McMullen.  Aesha told me that Liam wants to do stand-up comedy so I plan to help him as much as I can.

An intimate moment between Liam McMullen and fiancee actress Aesha Waks!

A more public moment with Aesha Waks and Liam McMullen!

And then we wound up at Lavo to see my pal Erik Von Broock.

Jeffrey and Erik Von Broock at Lavo, with a beautiful unidentified guest!

Above are some of the photos from our memorable evening!

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Jeffrey Gurian Documentary Reel with A-List Comics and Film Stars

This documentary reel about me was shot as a pre-cursor to a proposed TV project that I would host, taking the viewers “behind the scenes” in the comedy world, the film world and behind the velvet ropes of New York nightlife, all places where I have strong connections.

In this reel you will see great comics from late night TV like Ted Alexandro from Comedy Central, Letterman, Conan O’Brien, & Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Fisch from Last Comic Standing, VH1 and Comedy Central, Macio from The Chapelle Show, Uptown Comedy Club, & Comedy Central, Goumba Johnny, afternoon host  from WKTU, 103.5 FM, film stars Marisa Tomei, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Jason Statham, John Leguizamo, Vincent Pastore, Chris Meloni, Kal Penn, Sidney Lumet, Guy Ritchie, nightlife and TV legends Wass, Noel Ashman, and Countess LuAnn DeLesseps from Real Housewives of New York City, and Camille Grammer from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Please watch and feel free to leave a comment, and/or share it with your friends.  Thanks!!!

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